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6 Bathroom Trends for 2019

As we approach the midst of 2019, it’s high time to make some new but good changes to your home. Kicking off the modern bathroom remodeling trends for 2019, we recommend you a simple but innovative update to make your old space look more beautiful with our guide.

In this post, we’ve selected some of the top trends in bathroom design and decoration that we think you’ll love.

1.    Black Toilets Are Most-Running in Akron

Last year was all about bathroom remodeling designs consisting of dull and grey tones. Almost, a majority of the old and new homeowners decided to happily go with darker styles this year, which clearly shows that black is better due to its increasing popularity. The ongoing trend is most popular in light fixtures, large mirrors, vanities, and matte finishes. The combination of black with classic white or neutral color has proved to give your bathroom a calm and modern look.

2.    High-Tech Toilet

Nowadays, even bathrooms have started to incorporate few or more touches of modern technology in its accessories and equipment. People are happy to go with modern high-tech toilets rather than the traditional ones due to the ease they provide. For instance, a high-tech bathroom has the following:

  • Motion-activated lid and seat
  • Integrated bidet
  • Air-Dryer
  • Temperature-controlled environment
  • Illuminated side panels
  • Moonlight reflected lights and
  • Built-in-speakers that gives user a fully-immersive experience.

Modern technology has transformed traditional bathrooms into personalized day spas, making the experience more relaxing and convenient than ever before.

3.    Say “Yes” To Brass Gold Antique Look

Golden is back in the game, stronger than ever. The modern gold and brass fixtures in the bathroom have mostly taken over the contemporary bathroom designs for creating a feeling of luxury throughout the space. From sinks and toilets to either a bathtub or shower, everything responsible for personal hygiene is gold-coated. It is offered in modern finish options like satin, matte, and spun gold that brings a subtle change in the environment. It also comes with an added bonus of keeping fingerprints and water spots hidden. With proper hardware, light fixtures, and mirrors, this warmer tone has the ability to become the accent pieces of a room.

4.    Industrial Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom designs with industrial vintage charm are this year’s specialty. While this may not be everyone’s liking, it surely attracts people who are inspired by modern vintage bathroom styles. This look comes with metal fixtures, wooded settings, and funky wood-look floor tiles. It entails an antique touch, yet classic remodeling guide to making a statement out of this variation.

5.    Funky Bathroom Floor Tile Patterns

Trendy tile patterns are the utmost thing required to give your bathroom a final touch of glamour. We’ve seen the use of basic tiles in the past, but with advancements in technology, manufacturers are capable of creating all sorts of designs now. These unmatched tile patterns give your bathroom an interesting texture that are mesmerizing for the eye.  

6.    Incredible Wood Accent Walls and Flooring

Have you looked at the recent Akron bathroom remodeling projects which are outstanding in the sense of high-quality wood? These are customized rustic wooden textures which gives the grain effect to your bathroom. Various shades of wood can complement white, blue, green, and darker colored bathroom. 

Hope you found these ideas for bathroom remodeling interesting. However, keep in mind that all the possibilities are subjected to your bathroom size and design. These several options can make it easier for you to add popular features in your bathroom remodeling plan.

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