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Basement Finishing Idea Guide

Your basement is as important a room as the kitchen or the living room, but many people don’t see the potential of this key space. JP Grabenstetter Construction has an excellent reputation for basement finishing in Akron, Ohio. We can provided the basement finishing services needed to improve the current living space of your home.


The basement is usually extra storage, alongside the attic. However, the basement is so much more than storage; a finished basement can offer hundreds of options to enhance your life. A basement entertainment center is a prime choice for people looking to remodel their basement into something more functional that storage. The benefits of a basement built in entertainment center are astounding; bachelor parties, Tupperware parties, even holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. A custom bar in your basement is a fantastic way to fill up unused space while also being a stylish and functional conversation piece. Looking for basement design ideas can be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Our bar ideas for basement remodeling are sure to give you a great starting place for your next basement remodeling project.

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Basement Remodeling in Akron

But why should you consider finishing the basement of your home? The biggest reason is, of course, re-sale value. Adding one of our custom home bars to your basement will definitely increase the value of your home because of how few people consider adding one to their living space. Another reason is the amount of use you can get out of it; whether you’re entertaining for a small group of friends or the whole family, a basement entertainment center is the perfect place to center any function.


It is important that while you’re thinking about remodeling your basement, you also keep in mind any restrictions your city or county may have regarding putting living spaces in the lowest level of your home. There’s a reason that many homeowners choose to not remodel or refinish their basement because often times, their space just isn’t cut out for housing people. You have to ensure that your windows, foundation, and other plausible emergency exits are up to code, and that you don’t end up accidentally sealing off important systems (such as heating or electrical) while you remodel. Many basement remodeling contractors won’t install additional features if there are problems with electrical placement or plumbing.


You should also strive to keep your basement as open as possible, to allow the most amount of light and usable space in your basement. While cutting up this downstairs portion of your home may seem like a good idea, it creates a smaller, less functional space overall. Turning your basement into a second living and dining room is a great way to have extra space for entertaining.


There are many different types of custom home bars to choose from, ranging from relatively simple and antique to modern and extravagant. There are bars with wooden bar tops for that classic, rustic look, or you can have a bar that features granite or even marble. The choice is yours, and it truly depends on what kind of style you’re after. Wine-drinkers will be happy to know that there are wine bars that can be installed in your basement. Wine bar ideas for home entertainment, while fairly standard in function, can vary greatly in design. You would have to decide whether you want all of your bottles displayed on the wall, or you only want space to display a few, while the others are stored in the shelves beneath the bar. Some custom bar set-ups allow for you to show off your collection with relative ease, or feature a few bottles behind glass doors. Additional ideas for your bar may include the following:


  • Lights to accent the bottles, or even your decorations.
  • Shelves for display.
  • Integrated cooling fridge for open or temperature sensitive beverages.
  • Mirrors.
  • Display shelves.


If none of the wine bar ideas for home entertainment appeal to you, perhaps instead you’d like to feature a more standard custom home bar, the ones you might see walking into a familiar pub or the like. There are hundreds of customization options for you to choose from, from hardwood antique paneling to a more exotic design on the front of your bar. You can choose to have wooden bar tops or granite, a wood paneling for the face or even stone. What kind of custom bar you get for your home depends entirely on the space in your basement and what kind of look you are after. Whatever your aesthetic, there are plenty of options for you.


Before ordering your custom bar, think about what sort of features you want with it. Fireplaces, countertops, cupboards and glass racks are all within the realm of possibility for your new custom home bar. You also need to think about the material you want for your bar, which can be anything from reclaimed wood, to hardwood, to even stone or marble. The backdrop, the cupboards, and even shelving are all other features you can look into customizing as well. Glass and wood are popular choices among bar enthusiasts; these materials are classics, and go well with virtually any set-up. Getting your basement design ideas together before you order a new basement bar can save you a lot of trouble later on down the road.


Your basement built in entertainment center is going to be the highlight of your next function; whether you are holding a party or just a night in with your significant other. Adding a home bar to your basement is a great way to spruce up the space and give it both style and function. Our custom bars for homes are made to the highest quality standard, and are made to last through years of use, and should you move, our bar counters will still stand even long after you’ve left. We’ve done Akron basement refinishing for 12 years and counting, and our product stands for itself.


There are literally hundreds of styles to choose from for your next custom home bar, and we’re here to help you realize what your basement has been missing. Our top of the line home installation leaves you with a ready to use bar top for all of your future entertainment needs. Many basement finishing companies will try and sell you cheap materials, under the guise that you’re getting a good deal for your money. What they don’t tell you is that their bar tops aren’t up to snuff when it comes to the test of time. When it comes to basement finishing contractors, we’re the top choice for Cleveland basement refinishing, as well as remodeling in the Akron and surrounding area.

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Once you’ve looked at bar ideas for basement remodels, and finally decided on what kind of bar to get, you need to choose one of many basement remodeling contractors for the job. There are lots of basement finishing companies in Ohio, but for the best construction and installation experience we are here. We can help you not only choose the right bar for your space, but install it and get it up and running for you. We are one of the top basement finishing contractors in the Akron, Ohio area. We’ve done work not only in Akron, but we have also done many Cleveland basement refinishing projects as well. Whether you’re out in rural Ohio, or somewhere in the city, we can give you the custom home bar that you want. We are the Akron basement refinishing experts, and we’ll be happy to give you our best work when it comes to installing custom bars for homes in the Akron and Cleveland areas.


Getting the basement bar of your dreams is easier once you have a plan in mind. The space you have plays a large part in what kind of bar you can install, but once you have an idea in mind, the rest is up to the basement finishing contractors. Whether you want a large bar that spans the entirety of a wall, or a small little corner bar for smaller gatherings, the home bar that you put in will become a fundamental part of your everyday life from the minute it’s installed. Enjoy your rustic centerpiece, or entertain on a marble slab. Once the custom home bar is installed, the rest is up to you.

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