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Creative Kitchen Design Ideas to Enhance Storage Space

If you're going short on kitchen storage space but aren't feeling a massive kitchen remodel Akron, it's time to trick out the drawers, cabinets, and island with a few space-saving tips and tricks. Reimagine the little niches and nooks, and you'll have all the counter space you need. No demo day needed!

Store above Your Window

No matter the size of your kitchen space, every little inch is significant and can play its role when it comes to storage. A simple shelf overhead a window increases display space for bowls, plates, and art.

Add Shelves to Your Backsplash

An awkward corner can be enhanced by supplementing easy storage. Glass shelving, tucked underneath cabinets, provides you a space to pack glassware — and because the glasses match the shelf, the result is virtually invisible.

Use a Plate or Pot Rack

A pot rack or plate rack shows off your collections while also keeping these things out of your way. Bonus: They remain easily accessible when you need to grasp them.

Use Floating Shelves

Floating shelves placed on either side of a window provide space for glassware and dishes. Don't worry if you only have a small volume of wall space to work with: elfin shelves can still get the job done.

Exploit Vertical space

Don't restrict storage to areas within arms' reach. A sliding ladder enables you to reach ceiling-height cabinets, which are ideal for that breadmaker that finds its use in several months.

Fill Up Bins

Declutter an open-shelving mess with a lattice of woven boxes. With kitchen remodeling Cleveland, Ohio, paper tags keep each baskets' contents systematized.

Store Tactically

Store minimally-used gadgets in higher cabinets. If you don't already possess some, add them in above your windows and hoods.

Hanging Mugs

This copper-pipe shelving holds hooks for cookware and coffee cups, keeping the countertop free for actual cooking. Additionally, it looks tremendously chic.

Envision an EtagEre

An open shelving unit offers more storage but doesn't occupy too much floor — or visual — space. An antique étagère positioned on the counter of this kitchen holds bowls and books.

Storing Cutting Boards

This ingenious tip comes from the kitchen renovation experts. For this, you can use a wicker basket to corral all of your cutting boards.

Pull-Out Pantry Use

In your precisely-packed kitchen, a pull-out "pantry" for dry goods will consist of two cabinets that slide out over the countertop so that all ingredients are easy to find.

Concealing Clutter

In an ideal kitchen, all the chaos is concealed behind closed doors, which open to reveal an expansive pantry. Pull-out willow baskets hold vegetables and fruit.

Adding a Crockery Drawer

These drawers are furnished with movable pegs so that they can accommodate different sized dishes.

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